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Ergonomic Solutions

Let us show you how to put smart processes into place to continuously address your ergonomic issues and drive your number of musculoskeletal injuries to zero!

The Process:

  • Educate - train enough folks in your organization so that you have the knowledge on how to continuously address the ergo issues as they come up.
  • Organize - set up a process so that you continuously address the resource needs at the correct stage of the process.
  • Execute - Don't settle!  Address the issues.  Change the behaviors.  Design out future problems.

  • Having trouble justifying addressing ergo problems?  Click on our links below for direction and ideas or contact us and we will show you how.

    Click here to go to SMART!Hazard Manager App to rank/prioritize and track your ergonomic activities

    Click here to go to Cultural Change to drive changes in your ergonomic behaviors

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